Canada's source for premium glare-free PolyPaper & Vinyl photography backdrops and floordrops

We specialize in high quality, tear resistant and GLARE FREE PolyPaper and Vinyl photography backdrops and floor drops for Canada's studio photographers. Designed and printed here in Courtice, Ontario. Finally a Canadian based backdrop company!

As a photographer why do you  care? Because finally, we have high quality PolyPaper or Vinyl backdrops that we can pick up locally or have shipped nationally, WITH NO CUSTOMS CHARGES!!!! No more ordering tons of backdrops with crazy shipping charges, waiting for weeks, sometime MONTHS for your backdrops, only to go pick up your item from Canada Post, UPS, Fed Ex or Purolator, and end up with possibly HUNDREDS of dollars in charges like duties, taxes, brokerage fees and more!

We use state of the art, wide format printers for our backdrops and floordrops. Not only are our backdrops thicker than the competition's, we use matte, water resistant inks, that compliment our matte, GLARE-FREE PolyPaper and Vinyl. Doesn't matter if you have a large, natural light studio, or a small home based studio in your basement with a bunch of flashes and strobes. Whether it's bokeh, abstract, scenic or photorealistic designs like Faux Wood, we've thought it through. We are professional photographers, designing, printing and creating photography backdrop. This simply means awesome looking, long lasting, durable products that we know you will love!

Our philosophy and beliefs are that if we wouldn't buy it ourselves, we certainly won't sell it!

Check out our ever expanding collection of designs and products and we want you to know, that not only are we open to using YOUR designs, at no additional cost, but for a limited time only we will design a backdrop or floordrop from the ground up, based on the theme or ideas of your choosing!

Not to shabby, eh?!

Recently Added Backdrop and Floordrop Designs